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  • Why your dog needs to chew

    3 reasons why chewing is actually a good thing and how you can safely facilitate your dogs natural need to chew with natural dog treats.
  • Why you need a Training Lead!

    Why you need a training lead! 

    Ever wish your lead allowed you to be hands free whilst walking your dog? 

    Do you need something which is versatile? 

    We talk you through all the uses of our training leads, and why you will love them!

  • Top 3 valentines gifts for dogs

    We have put together our valentines gift guide! From cute heart collars and dog tags, to natural treat and chew boxes.
  • The Best Adventure Dog Collars & Bandanas

    Have you heard of Biothane? Our Collars are made from this amazing material - waterproof, stink proof and wipe clean. Perfect for dog adventures!