About Us


Liv Like Busby is an independent business, run by Ciara and based in Buckinghamshire, UK. 

Our handmade pet accessories are made from high quality, durable materials. We specialise in collars and leads made from BioThane®; a coated webbing which is rotproof, waterproof and easy to clean. This material makes the perfect animal-friendly alternative to leather.

As well as handmade apparel, we also stock a range of natural treats and chews, grooming products and Perfect Fit harnesses.

Liv Like Busby understands that your pet's health is paramount, but also that your pet deserves to be spoilt and stylish, with stunning accessories handmade to the highest standards.

Welcome to our journey and we look forward to welcoming you back time and time again as we grow.



We are often asked about the inspiration behind our name: 

Meet Liv = our niece; and 

Busby = our pup. 

Their bond is truly unique, and reminds us just how precious relationships with pets can be. 

Ever since we adopted Busby as a pup, Liv has been captivated by him. She struggles with her emotions and expressing herself, but when she is around Busby, they are both calm, content and 'at home' in eachother's company. 

Liv loves seeing Busby in his gorgeous accessories and choosing his outfits for walkies. 

As a giant breed dog, it is important we keep Busby in top health, which is why we use a range of herbs and supplements stocked by us to ensure he enjoys a long,happy life with many adventures with Liv to come.