Shop Dog Collars in the UK

Welcome to our dog collar store in the UK 

Liv Like Busby handmake dog collars to the highest of standards. All our products are made from biothane - a strong, durable waterproof webbing - and they are made to last! 

We have been there (and done that!) with dog collars that constantly break, or can’t withstand every day dog life. That’s why we created a shop where you can buy dog collars with confidence knowing your beloved pooch will not only look fashionable, but be safe on their adventures.

Different types of dog collars 

From our miniature dog collars made with puppies and tiny breeds in mind, to our big and beautiful collars for big dogs - we have something for every kind of pooch. 

Our collars are custom made to your dog’s neck size, ensuring they have the perfect fit. 

You can even opt for a quick release buckle on our collars if you’re super safety conscious, and our range of matching leads can also be made with a locking carabiner clip if you have an escape artist on your hands! 

Best selling dog collars in the UK 

Our range of custom dog collars are the true best sellers! You can choose from a wide range of colours to suit your dogs colours and personality. 

If you hate too much choice, and you’re looking for some inspo, our best selling dog collars is the place to start. 

From a classic olive and tan combo, to a bright seafoam and purple - we’ve got it all. 

Don’t just take our word for it, our customers rave about our products - and you can read all our genuine reviews for yourself over on our trustpilot page. 

 Choosing the right collar for your dog 

Once you have chosen the style and colours for your pooch, it’s important you choose a width that’s suitable for your dog. 

As a general rule: 

  • 16mm (miniature) - suitable for puppies and miniature breeds 
  • 19mm (standard) - suitable for small-medium dog breeds 
  • 25mm (chunky) - suitable for medium - large dogs 
  • 38mm (big and beautiful) - suitable for large - giant breeds 

As we custom make our dog collars, we always recommend measuring your dogs neck before ordering for the best fit! 

Order from a UK dog collar store 

Ditch the mass produced dog collars that fray and become tatty over time and treat yourself (and of course, your dog!) to a collar that’s made to last! 


Once you try biothane collars, you won’t look back. Our customers love that they’re not only waterproof, wipe clean and super easy to maintain, but they’re also strong, durable and made to last. 

If you need help choosing the perfect collar for your dog, reach out to use via the contact us page, and we will be more than happy to assist. 

If you’re ready to experience the best dog collars in the UK, you can shop some of our customers favourites directly below! 

We can’t wait to see your pooch looking stylish in their new dog gear.