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Why every dog owner needs a dog training lead

What is a dog training lead? You've probably heard other dog owners talk about them, or maybe you're here because your dog trainer recommended you purchase one. But, what are they?! In this post, we will unpack everything there is to know about these nifty leads, and why we (and many other dog owners) couldn't live without one!


Think of these leads as your very own secret weapon when it comes to training your dog. Usually measuring around two meters in length, with clips either end and multiple attachment points, these bad boys really are the best when it comes to versatility and control. Read on to find out more. 

What is a Dog Training Lead?

Don't worry, we will cut right to the chase here. A dog training lead is a must-have tool for so many different reasons. Not only does it give you added control on walks and training sessions with your dog, it is the best way to ensure your pup stays right by your side whilst rewarding them for that behaviour! 


Simply put, a training lead is usually 2 meters in length, complete with clips at either end and with multiple different attachment points down the leash itself. 


But how does it ensure your dog stays by your side? Well, a training lead can either be worn around the waist or shoulder, leaving less room for your dog to charge on ahead of you, and allowing you to reward them for staying close by. But don't worry, if you're not a fan of wearing your dog leads, the multiple attachment points mean you can either create a short lead (approx 1 meter in length) or attach it to two points on your dog for more control. 


Obviously, we're not saying your dog is magically going to trot alongside you happily once you purchase one of these leads. But it can, however, give you the tools and confidence to work on the desired behaviours you want from your pup.


What's more, these leads double up as an extra long 2 meter lead too (and don't worry, we've gone even further with our multiway leads offering you up to 3 meters of freedom - but more on that later). That means you can not only master the loose leash walking with these leads, but also work on recall too! You have the power to guide and reinforce those desired behaviours with your pooch, in a safe and controlled manner. 


Do I need one of these leads? 

Honestly, this is a question I asked myself before I tried one. As an owner of a very large husky-cross-mastiff rescue I have tried and tested all sorts of leads before I found the right one. When I say I wish I used a training lead sooner, I really mean it.


Do you find yourself struggling to achieve loose lead walking with your dog, or find that you're being dragged rather than enjoying walks with your dog? Then these really are the leads for you. With the versatility of these leads, you can really find a use that works for you and your dog. Whether that be wearing the leash around you to avoid tension in the lead, or attaching to a collar and the back of a harness for extra control and to avoid your dog pulling on their tender necks.


There's a use for every scenario with these leads, and the ability to change things up depending on your dog makes them an invaluable tool for training. 


What about your dog's recall? Are you anxious to let your dog off the lead, or you're unsure whether you want to try a long line? Then give one of these a go first! With the attachment points, you can slowly build up from a short 1 meter lead, to up to 3 meters and work on recalling your dog, rewarding them and repeat! Baby steps like this really help to build a bond with your dog and a strong, solid recall. 

Why Choose Our Dog Training Leads? 

Now, I'm pretty sure you're convinced that a dog training lead is a game-changer, but let me introduce you to OUR training leads. We've taken all the features you'd expect from a quality lead, and added in extras where we've seen fit. Our leads are not only durable and made to last, but they're waterproof, wipe clean and fully customisable in your choice of colours. 


And that's not all, with everything I've learnt along the way about teaching loose leash walking and recall, I've added in some extra features and developed different styles of training leads to ensure there really is something for everyone. Our multi-way dog leads are available in up to 3 meters in length, complete with a moveable attachment point. This means you can adjust the lead to fit better around your waist, or create a longer or shorter lead with ease. 


You can also add a super-strong locking carabiner clip to your training lead, made to withstand the strongest of pullers (whilst you're still working on that loose lead walking, of course). 


With our dog training leads, you'll feel confident, in control and ready to take on the world with your dog. 


So, what are you waiting for? If we've piqued your interest then check out our range of training leads for dogs and discover the ultimate tool for every dog owner. It's time to take your training sessions to new heights!

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