Nylon Dog Collars: why you should ditch them!

Nylon Dog Collars: why you should ditch them!

Have you ever bought a Nylon Dog Collar for your pup? 

If you answered yes, you might want to read on!

These collars are usually purchased out of convenience. Most pet stores and huge online chains stock a range of different Nylon Dog Collars. 

But have you ever thought about more than just convenience? These collars have very few perks and a long list of cons - we run through them in this post for you. 

Are Nylon Dog Collars good? 

firstly, it depends what you define as a ‘good’ dog collar. 

Sure, these collars are (for the most part) fit for purpose. They’re great for dog owners on a budget as they can usually be picked up pretty cheap, and Nylon is generally a pretty strong and sturdy material. 

However, with so many other options on the market such as waterproof dog collars - why stick with Nylon? 

Cleaning can be a chore 

Most dog owners know all too well how smelly and mucky their dogs collars can get (unless you’re a VERY lucky dog owner). 

Nylon and other fabric dog collars are not only more of a ‘chore’ to clean (you have to leave them to soak, desperately try and scrub out any stains, then they take 2-3 business days to dry), but they also hold on to the wet dog smell - and anything else your dog has picked up on their adventures! 

A good waterproof dog collar on the other hand can be wiped clean in seconds and is stink proof and antimicrobial - bye bye smelly collar! 👋 

Nylon Dog Collars and water 

Not only do these collars take ages to dry once they’re wet, but the nature of the material means they stretch once wet. 

If you’re a safety conscious dog owner, who (like me) worries about your dog slipping their collar and running off - you run the risk of this happening with a wet nylon dog collar. 

Plus, if you own any kind of water-loving dog breed, you want to make sure your dog is comfortable whilst splashing about in a muddy puddle or taking a dip in the sea. 

Fabric dog collars can cause neck irritation when wet. As they hold water (rather than repelling it) this can cause rubbing and lead to chaffing around your dogs neck. I always liken it to wearing a pair of wet jeans all day long and having to walk around in them - not fun! 

Limited colour options 

Not everyone is bothered about what their dog wears or what they look like. But imagine if you could have a fancy dog collar that truly represents your dogs personality? 

Nylon collars are usually limited to basic colours such as red, black and blue. And most of the time, they don’t come in funky designs or styles. 

Alternatives to Nylon Dog Collars 

There are many alternative dog collars on the market. Our top pick, especially for water lovers, is always a Biothane Dog Collar - these collars are truly made to last and are so easy to clean! 

If you’re adamant you prefer a fabric dog collar, look for other waterproof materials, or fabrics such as eco canvas which repels dirt. 

And if you’re on a budget, many small businesses offer options such as mystery dog collars so you can try them for a fraction of the price! 

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