Best dog leads UK: waterproof dog leads

Unleash adventure with the best dog leads in the UK

Unleash your adventure with the best dog leads in the UK 

Calling all adventurous doggos and their humans! Are you fed up of boring, flimsy dog leads that just can’t keep up with your adventures? 

Don’t worry - we’ve got the ultimate solution - the best dog leads in the UK! 

We dive into the world of waterproof dog leads that are not only strong and durable, but also stylish and customisable. 


Why waterproof dog leads are the best on the market 

Perfect for rainy days 

Let’s set the scene. A typical ‘British summertime’ drizzly day, the paths are muddy and full of puddles, but you have a dog who’s still eager to explore. 

A regular lead will get soggy, smelly and take a long old time to dry! But waterproof dog leads are the real superheroes here. 

Rain or shine they can keep up with your adventures, ensuring you have one less thing to worry about cleaning when you come home from a mucky adventure. 

Style tailored to your dog 

Don’t settle for a boring, basic lead. Waterproof leads come in a variety of styles and colours to suit your dog’s unique personality. 

From vibrant and neon hues to capture your dog’s vibrant energy, to chic and stylish classic designs. You are truly spoilt for choice with our range of custom biothane leads. 

And it’s about more than just style. From hands free walking with our double clip dog leads, to standard clip leads for every day adventures. We’ve got every possible lead you’ll ever need - just another reason these are the best dog leads in the UK! 

From dainty to majestic - different widths for different dogs 

Whether you have a teeny-tiny doggo or a majestic gentle giant, we’ve got you covered. 

Our leads are available in a variety of different widths to cater to the needs of dogs of all sizes. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach at Liv Like Busby, so we created different items to suit different dogs. 

Whether you’re walking a tiny chihuahua or a big, strong bully breed, you’ll find a lead that fits perfectly. 

Be adventure ready 

Whether you’re still teaching your dog how to walk on a lead nicely without pulling you down the road, or you’ve absolutely nailed that heel work - there’s a lead for you. 

Give yourself peace of mind that your lead will not only look good, but will also do the job it’s supposed to! 

And with our leads, you can even add an extra strong locking carabiner clip for extra security. 

Invest in the best! 

When it comes to the best dog leads in the UK, waterproof leads definitely steal the show with their strength, durability, and style.

Whether you’re heading to the beach or splashing through muddles on your daily walks, your dog deserves nothing but the best. 

It’s time to ditch those old, mundane leads and embrace adventure-ready, fully customisable waterproof dog leads. 

Grab one of our pawsome leads and watch your dog strut their stuff with their tail held high! 

Shop our full range of custom biothane dog leads.

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