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A Short Guide to the Best Personalised Dog Gifts

Tired of searching for the perfect gift for a four-legged friend in your life? We've put together a guide on where to find the best personalised dog gifts! 


At Liv Like Busby, we know that your dog is so much more than just a pet - they're a family member! And just like we would never wear the same outfit every day, our dogs also deserve to strut their stuff in style - and that goes for your friend's dogs too!


That's where personalised dog gifts come in, not only do we create personalised dog collars, but we also know the best places to get gorgeous personalised gifts for all the pups in your life - so let's dive in. 

1. Why Personalised dog collars? 

Let's face it, you can get a generic dog collar from almost anywhere, from your local pet shop to big corporate chains online. But, just imagine your dog standing out with a collar specifically designed for them. And not only designed for them, complete with their unique name, too! 


Not only are our collars completely customisable and available to personalise with a name or nickname, they are also one of the most practical dog collars you'll ever use - guaranteed to be a great conversation starter with other dog lovers too (I apologise in advance for all the 'OMG where did you get your dog's collar from?' questions).

Collars made by us are a blank canvas, ready to be tailored to your dog. Is your dog a bold and lively character? Then opt for some vibrant hues or a neon-coloured colour. If they're more prim and proper (and you've convinced yourself they were likely royalty in a past life) then opt for classic colours such as Merlot and Hunter green. The key is to match their collar to their personalised - it's like their very own fashion statement. 


You can view swatches of all of our available colours on the listings for our custom collars, or browse our trending collars to see what's popular amongst fellow dog owners. 


Finally, adding your dog's name to the collar gives it that personal touch. Whether it's their full name or a nickname that's unique to them, you can choose whatever personalisation you want to go for! 

2. Snuggly personalised blankets and bedding 

Another super cute gift idea, guaranteed to make any pup (or their owner) happy is opting for a personalised blanket or bed for the dog. 


You can find plenty of online shops that specialise in embroidered pet blankets, and choose to personalise them with a name, or artwork of the dog themselves! We personally have a super cute personalised blanket from Nemo and Crew, purchased to not only match our grey interiors (boring I know...) but is also complete with orange thread as it's my favourite colour on Busby! 


Alternatively, you can spend hours browsing the internet or etsy, but I know which I would prefer. 

3. Personalised dog bowls and treat jars 

Let's face it, what dog doesn't love food? If you're really stuck for ideas, opting for a basic pet food bowl, personalised with the dog's name is guaranteed to be a winner. You can find more intricate pieces from shops such as HKA ceramics, including breed-specific bowl styles such as spaniel bowls (if you're a spaniel owner, go and look at these, they'll save so many messy ears!). 


Alternatively, you can opt for a personalised treat jar, and you can even fill it with the dog's favourite treats to make it an extra special gift. If you're feeling super creative, you can probably create your very own personalised treat jar (if you happen to have a cricut machine lying around). Otherwise, look for a quality small business experienced in working with vinyl! 


So there you have it - the lowdown on selecting the best personalised dog gifts. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a gotcha day, or gifting 'just because' you can grab yourself some truly fabulous gifts for dogs! 

Let's show the world that our dog's are more than just pets, they are a part of the family!

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