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Classic Biothane Leads

Classic Biothane Leads

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Biothane Leads

You can now shop classic biothane leads to match our biothane collars with ease!

Simply choose your colour, width and length, and we will make your new biothane lead for you.

If you are unsure what width is suitable, or your dog is strong/prone to pulling, please read our FAQs.

Biothane leads are: 

  • waterproof 

  • wipe clean

  • durable 

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Biothane Dog Collars and Leads

Frequently Asked Questions

What Width does my dog need?

As a general rule:
- 16mm is suitable for miniature and small breeds

- 19mm is suitable for small-large breeds

- 25mm is suitable for large - giant breeds

How strong are your Collars and leads?

Biothane used to make our dog collars and leads has a high break strength, and we use the strongest hardware possible for the width of Biothane. If your dog is an excessive puller or you're worried, please get in contact with us before ordering - you may find some peace of mind with our extra strong locking clips.