Keeping your dog's safe in water | 5 simple tips

Keeping your dog's safe in water | 5 simple tips

We've had some super warm weather in the UK this year, with temperatures reaching record levels. 

When we do take our dog's out in warm weather, it's always tempting to let them swim to cool off. But did you know there are many dangers you can't always see with letting your dog's swim? 

Here's a five simple ways you can keep your dog's safe in water this summer. 


1. Check the water is safe 

Before you let your dog go running full steam ahead into a body of water, first check it is safe for them to do so. 

Look out for any signs that the water may contain blue-green algae and check that the water is relatively clean for them to swim in. 

A good rule of thumb is - if you wouldn't paddle in it yourself, don't let your dog!

2. Make sure you can easily grab them 

If you're not sure whether your dog is a strong swimmer, it may even be worth considering a doggy life jacket before letting them take the plunge. 

Even in shallow water, our dog's can struggle. So make sure you have an easy way to grab them if you need to - especially for large dogs that you can't just pick up! 

Our grab handles can easily be attached to your dog's harness and are a great way to quickly grab your dog (plus, they're waterproof). 

3. Keep them close if they're learning 

If your dog has never stepped foot in the water before, make sure you're keeping them close. 

Introduce them slowly on a lead, or allow them some freedom with a waterproof longline.

Even if your dog has paddled in the past, it's always good to make sure you keep them close by. 

4. Keep an eye on them at all times 

Even the best doggy paddlers can get into trouble. Don't just stick close by to your pup, make sure you are keeping a close eye on them! 

Look out for signs that they are easily tiring or may need your help. 

Also, make sure they aren't ingesting too much water - especially if they are fetching a stick or ball - as this can be dangerous (you can read more on the signs of water intoxication here).

5. Rinse and dry them after swimming 

The part most dog's hate - being clean! But, it's important you rinse your dog off after swimming for many reasons. 

Saltwater, pollution and other environmental factors can irritate your dog's skin and potentially damage their fur. 

Make sure you take extra care to dry their ears to avoid any possible infections, too! 

Consider taking a drying robe or one of our drying mitts with you to easily dry them off after all the fun. 

Most importantly, don't let the potential dangers stop you from having fun with your dog and letting them experience the world!

As always, if you’re worried about any of your dogs behaviours or any symptoms - contact your vet.  

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