Waterproof longlines for dogs

Custom Waterproof longlines for dogs 

What is a longline? 

A longline (also known as a tracking line) can be anywhere from 3 to 15 meters in length and is essentially a very long dog lead.

What would I use a longline for? 

Our waterproof longlines for dogs are perfect for: 
  • Practising recall 
  • Providing you with peace of mind 
  • Allowing your dog the freedom of being 'off the lead' 

What are your longlines for dogs made from? 

Our Waterproof longlines are made from waterproof webbing which is easy to wipe clean and maintain. 
Suitable for small to large dog breeds and available in your choice of length and colour. 
For extra security and peace of mind, why not add a locking clip to your waterproof longline?