Fashionable and Functional Pink Collars for Dogs

Find the perfect shade of pink for your pooch

Welcome to Liv Like Busby, where we've been styling dog adventures since 2020. And if you've been looking for a pink collar for your dog that is not only pretty and fashionable, but durable and for purpose, then your search is officially over!
We offer a range of different dog collars to suit all the different types, shapes and sizes of dogs. Our collars are handmade in the UK from Biothane - a waterproof webbing that is wipe clean, stink proof and durable - so you know that these pink collars for dogs are not only STUNNING, but also made to last. 
As well as offering a range of different pinks, fully customisable to your pet's neck size and available with your choice of hardware, we also offer sizes and widths suitable for all dogs. From miniature breeds and puppies, we've got collars for them all! 

Bright and neon pink collars for dogs: 

Bright pink dog collars
If you're looking for something bright, bold and guaranteed to pop on any dog then look no further than our neon pink and passion pink dog collars! 
Whilst these are best suited for darker colour dogs (black dog owners listen up!), these shades of pink definitely ensure your dog stands out from the crowd. 

Combine with black hardware for an early 2000's punk vibe (if you know, you know) or rose gold hardware to make it extra girly.  

Pastel and light pink: 

Light pink dog collars
Pastel pink and rose gold collars are a popular choice for miniature dogs and puppies! But, if you're looking for a gorgeous spring-time collar, then these are the ones for you. 
Whilst these pastel hues compliment lighter coloured dogs better, they are perfect for any pooch looking for a lighter and more neutral pink. 
What's more, these colours look super classy with classic nickel or solid brass hardware. 

Berry colour dog collars: 

Berry coloured Dog Collar
If you want something a bit different, or you're wondering if your boy dog can pull off pink (trust me with this one!) then the berry colour is for you. A gorgeous shade of bright, deep pink with a slight tiny of purple. This colour is stunning on it's own or paired with a green colour such as sage. 
Finish this beauty off with solid brass or antique hardware for a classy look. 
If we've inspired you to upgrade your pup's wardrobe, then why not shop our full range of pink dog collars now! All our collars are handcrafted in the UK and handmade to order. 
Or, maybe we have inspired you to create something a bit more unique for your pup? You can always check out our range of custom biothane collars where you have total control over the style, colours, and hardware of your dog's next collar - the possibilities are almost endless.