Experience Superior Durability with Handmade Waterproof Dog Collars

At Liv Like Busby, we offer a wide range of handmade to measure waterproof dog collars. Our dog accessories are designed to withstand everything that outdoor adventures with your dogs can throw at them! We ensure your dog remains comfortable and stylish with our handcrafted accessories. 

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  • Unmatched Quality

    Each collar is handmade to order, using premium materials to ensure quality and longevity. We only use Biothane ® to make our collars, which is a polyester coated webbing that is more durable, waterproof and easy to clean than other materials on the market. 

    Our collars are made with hardware that is made to last and is suitable for the dog wearing the collar. For example, we use lighter hardware for smaller necks and strong, chunky hardware for larger dogs.

  • Perfect Fit

    In addition to our standard sizes which cater to most dog breeds, we also provide the option to create a collar custom-made to fit your dog perfectly. Unless stated as ‘ready to ship’ all of our collars are handmade to order, meaning you can get the perfect fit every time. 

    Say goodbye to uncomfortable collars or unsafe slipping, with a custom waterproof dog collar you’ll experience a secure fit that allows your pet to move safely and freely.

  • Waterproof Protection

    Whether you’re caught out in the rain, or enjoying a splash in your favourite river, our waterproof collars are designed to keep up with your pup. Using high-quality waterproof webbing and durable hardware, these collars provide the ultimate protection against moisture, odours and stains. 

    Biothane is even stink proof! That means if your dog rolls or plays in something hideous, with a quick rinse your collar will be as good as new.

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Explore our Collection of Dog Accessories

Stylish Designs

We have everything from classic collars, to more eccentric three tone collars. Our variety of designs mean there is something for every style and taste. You can make a real statement whilst ensuring your dog is safe and comfortable.

Choose Your Colours

Once you’ve settled on a style, you can create the perfect waterproof dog collar by choosing from over 50 different colour options. From vibrant and bright neons, to neutral and classic colours - we’ve got something to suit every dog.

Customisable Options

In addition to choosing your style, colours and hardware, you can even personalise your dog’s collar with our name plates. These add an extra layer of uniqueness to your collar.

Why Choose Us?

As an owner of a giant breed, I was tired of buying beautiful accessories only for them to snap or break after a handful of uses.

After trawling the internet searching for accessories for big dogs that were not only practical, but also beautiful, I decided it’s time that beautiful and practical accessories were available for all dogs, no matter their size. 

At Liv Like Busby, we’re dedicated to creating the best products possible for your dogs. We’re passionate about safety and style and we’re committed to ensuring you have products that are made to last. 

Join thousands of happy customers who trust our handmade waterproof dog collars for their pups. Shop now and give your dog the quality they deserve.

Experience Superior Durability With Handmade Waterproof Dog Collars

Explore our full range of custom dog accessories and treat your dog to comfort and style. Enjoy free delivery on orders over £75! 

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