Biothane Training Lead

Why you need a Training Lead!


Ever wish your dog lead allowed you to be hands free whilst walking your dog? 

Do you need something which is versatile and can easily be used at different lengths? 

Perhaps you wished your lead was easy to safely attach your dog whilst your enjoying the great british summer in a pub garden? 

Well... we have got you covered with our training leads. There are so many uses for these beauties, most of which I have covered in the video below: 

@livlikebusby Have you got one?! #dogtraining #trainingleash #dogleash #doggear ♬ original sound - Beatsbyjblack


 How do I order one?

Simply head to our Design your Own training lead product on the website. You can choose your width, colours and hardware!

What is 'Biothane'? 

Your new best friend! Biothane is a vegan alternative to leather. It is waterproof, rot proof and stink proof. 

Not only that - it is super easy to wipe clean! 

 Do you already own a training lead? 

We love to hear how you use yours! With a product this versatile everyone has their preferences! Personally, I love having the option of being able to walk busby hands-free and attaching him to my waist. 

Let me know how you use yours!

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