What is a training lead? Double clip dog lead

What is a Training Lead? And why you might need one...

What is a training lead?!

This is one of our most common questions! Most people assume, as the word 'training' is in the name that these leads can only be used for new puppies, new or rescue dogs, or those who are 'in training'.

We're here to explain what a training lead is, it's many uses and why you should consider adding one of these to your dog's kit. 

What is a training lead? 

Also known as a 'double clip lead', they are dog leads with two clips, and multiple attachment points throughout the lead. 

What is a training lead? all the uses for a double clip lead

Why would I use a training lead? 

It's undoubted that these leads are incredibly useful for new puppies, rescue dogs, and dogs 'in training'. BUT (and this is a big but) they aren't limited to just these groups of dogs. 

Do you find yourself having to wrap your lead up when you're walking near a road or on a tight footpath? Then having to unravel it again when you have more space? Training leads can simply be a long or short lead all in one - just by adjusting where the clip is attached! 

Are you working on walking to heel and wish you had your hands free to focus on your dog and giving them their hard-earned treats? Double-clip leads can be worn around the waist, or shoulder, and allow you to walk your dog completely hands free. 

Do you frequent pub gardens with your dog, but struggle to safely tether them to the table or place you are sitting? These leads can easily, and safely be clipped around a chair leg or table. 

Where can I buy one? 

We offer two types of training leads - with or without extra grab handles

Let us know in the comments if you would try one of these leads. If you already use these everyday (like us) then share your favourite things about these amazing, versatile dog leashes. 

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