Waterproof dog collars

Fabric vs Waterproof dog collars

Why you should make the change to waterproof dog collars 

Not everyone has discovered the wonders of waterproof, biothane dog collars. There are so many reasons why these are superior over standard fabric dog collars. 

We take you through just some of the reasons why you should look at upgrading your collars or leads to waterproof ones! 

They’re easier to clean 

Love your dog but hate that wet dog smell? Or do you have a dog who just loves to roll in everything? 

Fabric collars not only hold water and take hours to dry after a wet walk, they also hold on to odours! 

Compare that to our biothane collars which are fully waterproof and quick drying - they’re also stink proof. 

Say goodbye to those smelly dog collars and hello to quick drying, easy to maintain collars.

Fabric collars cause irritation 

How uncomfortable is it walking around in a pair of wet jeans? Well, the same goes for your dog wearing a soggy fabric collar. 

Whether you’ve got caught in the rain or your dog is a water baby, waterproof dog collars are much kinder to their necks. 

Fabric collars hold water which can then rub and irritate your dogs skin. Compare that to a biothane collar where the water will simply run off and not hold around your dogs neck. 

Not only are these collars super stylish, they’re practical and can handle everything everyday dog life throws at them. 

Waterproof collars are stronger and more durable 

Have you noticed how your dogs pet-shop collar or lead starts looking tatty over time? Have you ever wondered just how unsafe this could really be? 

If the webbing or material on your dogs fabric collar is starting to fray or is in anyway damaged - we recommend you stop using it immediately to avoid any accidents happening.

If you make the switch to a biothane collar or lead, you can enjoy stronger, more durable dog accessories that are made to last for years. 

make the switch today! 

There are SO many more benefits to waterproof dog collars that you can experience when you throw out your old fabric collars and upgrade to a biothane collar

once you make the switch to biothane, you won’t look back 👀

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