The Best Waterproof Longline for Dogs

Introducing the Biothane Longline: The Best Waterproof Longline for Dogs!

Introducing the Biothane Longline – the best waterproof longline for dogs! This amazing product is perfect for teaching your dog recall and training new puppies or rescue dogs.

The Biothane Longline is made from a durable material that is both waterproof and lightweight, making it easy to use and clean. Unlike traditional fabric longlines, the Biothane Longline does not hold water, so it can be used in any weather condition. With this product, you can easily teach your dog recall, or let them sniff and explore with peace of mind. 

Why you need a waterproof longline 

For any dog owners who have ever used a fabric longline, they understand the challenges of dragging it through mud and water.

Not only can it be difficult to get clean afterwards, but the fabric longline also becomes heavier when wet. A waterproof longline is an excellent solution to this problem. It resists water, dirt can easily be wiped away, and it's lightweight and perfect for dogs of all sizes.

Waterproof longlines make for a much more enjoyable and easy experience when taking your pup out for a walk.

The benefits of Biothane

Biothane longlines are the ideal choice for pet owners looking for a strong and lightweight line for their dog. Biothane is a soft, but incredibly durable material that won't break down with exposure to the elements. It is also microbial and easy to clean, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

Additionally, Biothane is incredibly flexible which allows for greater control when training your pup. The material is also very lightweight, meaning you don't have to carry a bulky line when you’re out and about.

All of these features make Biothane longlines the perfect choice for any pet owner looking for a reliable and durable longline.

As well as biothane longlines, we also offer long lines for dogs made from waterproof webbing. These are a much cheaper option for dog owners on a budget. Whilst waterproof webbing is significantly weaker than biothane, it is suitable and strong enough for most dog breeds. 

How to use a Biothane longline 

Biothane longlines for dogs are a great tool for teaching your pup recall and manners. Firstly, make sure your dog is comfortable with the longline and understands that it’s not a toy.

When your dog is used to the longline, you can start training them to come back to you on command. Attach the longline to your pup’s harness, making sure the length allows your pup plenty of room to explore, but that it’s not so long that they run off out of sight. Let them sniff around and explore and then call them back to you with a reward. Repeat this process until they respond to your call each time without fail.

Biothane longlines are also great for new puppies or rescue dogs who need extra help with learning to come back to you. Start in an enclosed area such as a large garden, allow them to explore and gradually increase the distance and area of their exploration as they get better at coming back to you on command. The key here is patience and consistency.
One of the main advantages of a Biothane longline is that it is waterproof, so it won’t retain water like fabric longlines do. This makes them much easier to clean and maintain.

Training with a biothane longline 

When training with a Biothane Longline, we recommend starting with a shorter length and working your way up to a longer length once your dog is more confident with recall. If your dog already has pretty good recall, you can go ahead with a longer length straight away.
It's important to reward your dog each time they come back when called and to keep the experience fun and exciting. You can do this by giving them treats, playing with toys, or simply giving them lots of love and praise when they make it back to you.
Nobody wants to be that dog owner running after their off leash dog shouting 'it's ok, he's friendly!'. Be a responsible dog owner, allow your dog the space to safely learn recall before letting them loose in the world. 
Longlines for dogs provide a safe way for them to enjoy some freedom while outdoors without the risk of them getting lost or running off. With a Biothane Longline, you can rest assured knowing that you will have a reliable, waterproof longline that will last you for years to come.
So there you have it – Biothane longlines for dogs are a great way to give your pup the freedom to explore and learn recall at the same time! As always, if you are experiencing serious issues with any aspect of your dog's training, consult with an experienced dog trainer.
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