The best dog collars UK

The best dog collars UK

Ever wondered what the best dog collar is?
Or maybe you’re fed up of having to replace your collars after a few months of wear when they start to look tatty.
We’ve got the solution for you, biothane dog collars are undoubtedly the best dog collars in the UK!

We’ve put together a list of the most popular colour combinations which can are all handmade to your dogs neck measurements

1. The classic dog collar 

Our classic dog collars are a staple for any dog owner. Made in your choice of colour and hardware and handmade to your dogs neck measurements. 

We currently have over 50 colours to choose from (which can be overwhelming for some!), but there is something for to suit every dog. 

Our most popular dog collars are listed below, to make choosing the best dog collar easy for you: 

2. two tone dog collars 

our two tone dog collars are perfect for those who prefer something different! With many colours to choose from, you can design your two tone dog collar with ease. 

3. Strip design dog collars 

This design is our best-selling dog collar of them all. Simply choose your base colour, with an accent strip colour. 

4. mystery dog collars 

If you feel overwhelmed by choice or just love a bargain, our mystery dog collars are a super popular option. 

You tell us your dogs neck size, and any colours you already own and we will hand make you a brand new mystery collar! 

Whatever style you opt for, we are confident you will think our biothane collars are the best dog collars in the UK.
You can even read some of our trusted reviews before you purchase! 
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