The Best Adventure Dog Collars & Bandanas

The Best Adventure Dog Collars & Bandanas

And why you need to try them! 

Have you heard of Biothane? Our Collars are made from this amazing material - waterproof, stink proof and wipe clean. Perfect for dog adventures! 
Here are our top 3 reasons why you need to try our Collars: 

Waterproof & Wipe Clean

Our collars are waterproof and wipe clean. Meaning if your dog gets super mucky on an adventure, your collar doesn't suffer. They can be wiped clean in a matter of minutes. 

Unique Colours & Varieties

Biothane is available in a variety of amazing colours. But we have taken that one step further! Not only do we offer embroidered Biothane Collars, we also exclusively release coated Biothane collars in unique colours, including glitter! That's right, super bling collars for the most stylish of pups. 

Durable & hard-wearing

All of our collars are made to last. They can withstand adventures time and time again. Made from only the strongest materials, using hard-wearing hardware!

If that hasn't been enough to convince you, check out our Trustpilot reviews! Our customers are always raving about our products. 

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