Dog collar with embossed name

Dog collar with name: personalise your new dog gear!

Looking for a personalised dog collar with their name? 

There's nothing more unique to your dog than their name or nickname. And, whilst we know how much you love your dog, we also know they have a bunch of adorable¬†(and sometimes not so adorable ūü§≠) nicknames!¬†

Whilst a usual dog collar from a pet store serves its purpose, there's nothing quite like a personalised dog collar with your dogs name on. 

So, without further ado let's dive into why dog owners should consider investing in a collar adorned with their dog's name and explore our unique offerings to ensure your dog stands out in style. 


Why choose a dog collar with name? 

First and foremost - they're adorable! Whilst traditional collars are functional, personalised dog collars add a sense of individuality to your dog's style. You can create a custom collar that not only fits well, and is customised in colours of your choice, but it is quite literally unique to them. 

Your dog's name is so much more than just a label, we know that your dogs names often have meaning, or are well thought out. Every time you call your dog by their name, it reinforces the unbreakable bond between a pet owner and their dog. A collar with their name on becomes an extension of this bond, reinforcing the sense of familiarity and love you share. 

Lastly, a dog collar with name is much more than just a fashion statement, it's practical for identification and safety. Whilst some owners prefer not to have a collar with their dogs name on for fear it makes them 'easier to steal', it can actually prove your dog is loved and belongs to a home should they ever go astray. 


What do we offer?

At Liv Like Busby, we understand that every dog is special and unique, and that means their accessories should be too! Our range of personalised dog collars are complete with customisable designs, meaning you can choose the colours and style to suit your pet's personality. From simple, classic collars with an engraved nameplate, to three tone designs incorporating up to four colours - there is something for every dog, whether they're playful, elegant or a little bit of both. 

Comfort and practicality is key when it comes to dog collars, and that's why all our collars are handcrafted from Biothane, a premium waterproof webbing. The material ensures your dog is at ease wearing the collar, whilst your mind is at ease knowing your dog is safe and secure with durable hardware and materials made to last. Not only are our collars strong and durable, they're totally practical for everything life with a dog throws at it! Simply wipe our collars clean after use, dry them down and they're good as new! 

Finally, the nameplate on our dog collars isn't a temporary addition. It's a lasting engraving designed to stand the test of time. There's no need to worry about fading or peeling, every element of our collars is built to withstand the test of time and general wear and tear of your dog's lifestyle - whether they're active and zooming around on the daily, or they enjoy a slower pace to life. 

Design inspiration for your dogs next collar 

If you're stuck for choice, why not browse some of our favourite dog collars with names below to find the perfect combo for your pup.

1. Classic Personalised collar in Sage with a Petrol Blue nameplate 

Blue dog collar with name

2. Big & Beautiful Collar in Berry & Sage 

Pink personalised dog collar

3. Seafoam collar with a light gold name 

Mint green dog collar with name plate

4. Berry collar with a merlot name 
Wine coloured dog collar with name embossed

Whatever your dog’s style, or whatever colours you think suit them best, you can create a truly customised collar for them. A dog collar with your pup's name is so much more than just a fashion choice, it's a practical and meaningful accessory that enhances safety, strengthens the bond between you both and adds a touch of style to your daily adventures. 

At Liv Like Busby, we take huge pride in offering personalised dog collars that combine functionality with style and ensuring your dog has accessories that truly reflect who they are. We know that every dog is unique, and that's why their wardrobe should be, too! 

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