How to measure for a dog collar - finding what size collar your dog needs

How to measure for a dog collar - finding what size collar your dog needs

Unsure how to measure for a dog collar? 

When ordering a dog collar online, it can be difficult to know what size your dog needs. 
There are several ways you can measure your dog for a collar, and we’ve put them together with step by step instructions to make the process as easy as possible for you. 

1. measuring your dogs neck 

Rather than guessing how to measure for a dog collar, the most accurate way is to measure your dogs neck itself. 

Using a fabric tape measure, measure around your dogs neck where their collar will sit, ensuring there is enough room to fit two flat fingers between the neck and the tape measure. 
No fabric tape measure? No problem!
Measure with a piece of string, or anything thin and flexible. Mark where your measurement is with your finger, and lay down the string or material flat, measuring with a standard tape measure or ruler to get your dog’s measurement for a collar. 

2. Measuring your dogs collar 

Laying your dogs current collar flat, measure from the centre of the buckle, to the current hole they wear their collar on. 
If they have a collar featuring a clip rather than a buckle, again lay the collar flat and measure the whole collar, including one half of the clip. 

3. Getting the right fit 

Once you have your measurement, you are ready to order your dog’s new collar. 

If their measurement is between sizes, opt for a custom size or leave your dog’s neck measurement in the order notes. 

You can choose your style, from two tone biothane collars, to strip design collars. Or, opt for a classic biothane collar

the choice is yours!
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