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How long should a dog lead be? Finding the right length for your dog

Have you ever purchased a dog lead online only to find it’s too long or short for your needs? 

Most standard dog leads are around 4-6ft (1.2-1.8m) but there are so many options available depending on use and need. 

We take you through different types of dog leads, their lengths, and finding the right length lead for you. 

Standard clip leads 

How long is a standard clip lead? This depends very much on where you buy them from! 

as standard, most clip leads are 4-6ft in length, but our biothane clip leads are available in as short as 1m. 

How do I know what length is right for my dog? Well, one simple way is to use a measure tape and measure the distance from your hand to your dogs collar, making sure they have enough room to walk comfortably. 

If you’re wanting a lead that provides more freedom, consider a longline, or a longer length lead. 

Double clip training leads 

The most versatile dog lead you will find! Double clip dog leads have many different uses, use as a short lead, long lead, or wrap around your waist and walk hands free. 

Most double clip training leads are 2-3m in length end to end, and once clipped together can become a 1m short lead, or a 1.5m clip lead. 


if you’re looking for something that provides your dog more freedom, longlines are available in a variety of lengths. 

choose from a 3 meter longline through to a 15 meter longline, depending on how much space and freedom your dog needs. 

if you’re using a longline for the first time, we always recommend starting shorter (3 to 5 meters) until your dog starts to learn a recall. 

we stock a range of waterproof webbing longlines and biothane longlines. You can pick up cheap, material webbing longlines from places like Amazon - but these are likely to become pretty battered with a couple of uses! 

Traffic handles & short grab leads 

Do you require a shorter lead for crossing roads, grabbing your dog or keeping them close? 

Traffic handles, also known as short grab leads or grab handles, are approx 30-40cm in length and perfect for bigger dogs to use when crossing roads, roadside walks, or other situations when you need your dog close. 

Did this blog help you find the right dog lead length for you? Or are you still confused on how long a dog lead should be? 

contact us if you need more help finding the right lead for you, and your dog! 

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