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Dog collars made in the UK - and where to buy them!

Do you love supporting small businesses? Especially those who handmake their products in the UK? 

There’s something undoubtedly special about shopping from a UK made business. Not only are you supporting someone’s dream, but you’re not buying into big factory made items. Not only are most of the dog collars on the market made in horrendous conditions abroad, you also have to question the safety and attention to detail. 

Whether you’re looking for biothane, leather, rope collars or something else (or maybe you’re not sure!) we’ve covered all bases in this post. 

1. Biothane collars UK made 

First and foremost, we will start with our very own biothane dog collars. 

We source the highest quality materials and ensure each piece is handcrafted and made to the highest quality. 

If you’ve never used biothane collars before, they’re one of the most durable collars on the market. Waterproof, wipe clean and stink proof (meaning they won’t hold that ‘wet dog’ smell). 

You can shop our range of biothane dog collars made in the Uk here

2. cotton rope collars 


if you’re after an ID Collar for your dog, we cannot recommend Leadporium enough. 

These collars are made in the UK, feature hand dyed soft cotton rope and they’re eco friendly too! 

3. leather dog collars 

If you prefer the more traditional dog collar, there are plenty of leather dog collars on the market in the UK. 

we don’t personally use leather collars, but make sure wherever you’re buying from use ethically sourced leather! 

4. Fabric dog collars 

Again, there are plenty of UK made fabric dog collars on the market. We’re not talking the traditional webbing collars you’ll find in your local pet store, either. 

Our favourites are shops such as Dog and Bone, who handmake webbing collars in the UK. Make sure you do your research though, a lot of companies will have their fabric collars mass produced in huge factories abroad where working conditions can be poor. Make sure you’re supporting a business who makes their dog collars in the UK! 

We hope we helped you to find your UK made dog collar. 

Let us know your favourite shops that make dog collars in the UK in the comments. 

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