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Dog Collars for Springer Spaniels - find the right collar for your pup

Everyone knows that springer spaniels can get messy. Running through mud, splashing through puddles or zooming around in the rain; their living their best life, meanwhile the thought washing your dog's collar is a nightmare.


Do you wish you could find a collar for your springer spaniel that stands the test of time and everything your dog throws at it? 

We’ve got you covered - let’s explore waterproof, wipe clean dogs collars, perfect for adventuring dogs! 

What is the best collar for a springer spaniel? 

Introducing the best dog collars for springer spaniels.

Im sure you already know that a good set of dog clothes, or a waterproof dog fleece, are important for keeping your dogs warm, dry and protected when out in the elements. But you might not have considered the importance of a good collar for your springer spaniel.

There's a large number of different styles, materials and accessories to choose from if you're looking for a new collar. Traditional fabric collars can get wet, become uncomfortable for your dogs neck as they get soggy, and aren't very durable.

Leather collars can be more expensive to replace if they get damaged along with requiring regular cleaning and conditioning.

And nylon collars don't offer the same resilience or strength when your dog is romping through brambles and mud puddles!

Biothane collars for springer spaniels offer all of the following features for your dog: 

  • Waterproof and will not absorb water, or become soggy around your dogs neck 
  • Wipe clean and easy to maintain 
  • Strong, durable and made to last 
  • Available in a range of colours to suit your dog 

What size collar does a spaniel need? 

Our custom-made collars for springer spaniels are designed with adventure in mind. You choose from a range of bright, vibrant colours or neutral tones to suit your spaniel. 

These collars are handmade to fit your pup’s neck measurements, so make sure you measure your dogs neck before ordering for the best fit. 

However, as a general rule most springer spaniels are between 10-14” or 13-17” in size. With regards to the width of the collar, 19mm width is suitable for a collar for smaller springer spaniels, whilst 25mm width is suited to larger spaniels. 

Do I need a quick release clip on my dog’s collar?

If your dog dashes through the woods, brambles and tends to be curious while out adventuring, we recommend adding a quick release clip or option for a quick adjust quick release collar for your dog. 

These clips are strong and durable, but ensure the collar can easily be removed in a flash if needs be. 

We hope this blog post reaches all the springer spaniel owners who haven’t discovered the joy of biothane dog collars yet! 

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