Cross Body Hands Free Dog Leash

Everything you need to know about cross body hands free dog leash

Why You Need A Cross Body Hands Free Dog Leash

Are you a dog owner wishing their was an easier way of keeping your dog close when needed, but still allowing them the freedom to explore when it’s safe to do so?

Have you ever considered using a hands free dog leash?

We run through all the uses of our cross body hands free dog leashes, and why you really should add one of these to your kit!

Walk hands free

The main benefit of these leashes is that you can wear them around you - allowing you to walk hands free: 

But why would you even want to walk hands free? Well, these leashes are perfect for dogs in training because they free up your hands! This makes it much easier to deliver treats to your dog to reward their behaviours when in training - especially when teaching lead manners and for heel work.

By walking hands free, some dogs also feel more at ease as they don’t pick up on any unnecessary tension in the leash from the owner. I’ve personally experienced this with my own dog, and find we enjoy walks with a relaxed, slack lead.

We’ve also introduced an adjustable hands free dog lead attachment that can slide to your required length - perfect for adjusting the leash to wear around your waist, shoulder or wherever is most comfortable for you and your dog.

These leads are a truly great way to work on heel work with your dog in a way which is kind to them, and much easier for you!


It becomes a clip lead!

That’s right, when you’re not using our training leads as a cross body hands free dog leash, you can attach one of the clips to one of the attachment points to create a standard clip lead.

With multiple attachment points, you can truly choose the perfect length for your dog. Attach to the first point for a longer lead (just shy of 2 meters in length). If you prefer a shorter lead, you can create one with our second attachment point. Lastly, you can create a much smaller (approx 1 meter in length) leash by attaching the clip to the base of the lead.

These leads can be used in up to three varying lengths as a clip lead, and with an extra sliding attachment point you can create the perfect length lead for your (and your dogs) needs.

Multiple attachment points for multiple uses

Our attachment points don’t just allow you to use the leash as a standard clip lead or hands free dog leash.

These attachment points mean you can also attach the leash to two points on your dog for more control when training. Maybe your trainer has recommended a double clip leash to be attached to both a collar and harness, or you’re trying to avoid walking your dog on a collar. These leashes can be clipped to a front and back of a harness for more control. Plus, you can add a short handle leash to your lead to create an extra handle when needed.

What’s more, you can easily tether your dog to that pub garden table in the summer, or when you’re teaching your dog to be calm and relaxed in busy places for extra security.

You can even clip the leash around you with ease when it’s not in use or your dog is enjoying some off lead freedom.

The possibilities are almost endless with these leashes!

Would you consider using a cross body hands free dog leash with your dog?

Upgrade your kit today, and add a custom hands free dog leash to your dogs wardrobe.
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