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Mandala Dog Collars

Mandala Dog Collars

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Our Mandala Dog Collars are made from biothane - waterproof, rot proof and totally stink-free - they're sure to be the perfect accessory for winter adventures with your dog.

How to order 

Customisable in your choice of copper or black mandalas, foil embossed onto a berry or burnt orange strip, simply: 

1. Choose your style: 

2. Choose between black or copper foil, on berry or burnt orange 

3. Select your main biothane colour, hardware and neck size 

We will do the rest! 

Please note, whilst every effort is made to ensure these products will withstand the elements, please do not scrub or rub the foil as this can cause the colours to fade or peel. Find out more about how to care for our coated and stamped collars on our FAQs page. 
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Biothane Dog Collars and Leads

Frequently Asked Questions

What width/size does my dog need?

As a general rule:
- 16mm is suitable for miniature and small breeds

- 19mm is suitable for small-large breeds

- 25mm is suitable for large - giant breeds

Always measure your dog’s neck or current collar before ordering for the best fit.

How strong are your collars and leads?

Biothane used to make our dog collars and leads has a high break strength, and we use the strongest hardware possible for the width of Biothane. If your dog is an excessive puller or you're worried, please get in contact with us before ordering - you may find some peace of mind with our extra strong locking clips.


We can advise and assist on to help you find the right product, but it is ultimately the owners responsibility to ensure they have chosen a suitable product for their dog. 

Whilst every effort is made to ensure our products are made to the highest quality, no product is indestructible. Always check for signs of wear and tear before each use.

Never leave a dog unattended wearing a collar or lead. For our full safety and care instructions, visit our FAQs page.