How to order a personalised dog collar

How to order a personalised dog collar

Tired of searching for a dog collar that truly reflects your pup’s personality? Welcome the solution you’ve been waiting for: a personalised dog collar! 

At Liv Like Busby, we know that your dog is more than just a pet - they’re a family member! And just like we would never wear the same outfit everyday, our dogs deserve to strut their stuff in style. That’s where a personalised dog collar handmade by us comes in! Our custom dog collars allow you to create a collar unique to your dog. 

Why opt for a personalised dog collar? 

Let’s face it, generic dog collars are everywhere. But imagine your dog standing out with a collar designed for them. Not only are our collars customisable and available to personalise, they are also one of the most practical dog collars you’ve ever known - guaranteed to be a great conversation starter with other dog lovers.  

Step one: picking the perfect colours


Your dog’s new biothane collar is a blank canvas, ready to be tailored to your pup. Is your dog a bold and lively personality? Opt for some vibrant hues or a neon dog collar. If they’re more of a ‘prim and proper’ pooch, opt for classic colours like hunter green and merlot with solid brass hardware for a classic look. The key is to match their collar to their character – it's like their very own fashion statement.

You can view swatches of all our available colours on the listings for our collars! 

Step two: style speaks volumes!

Once you’ve nailed the hard part of picking a colour (or colours), it’s time to pick a style that suits your dog’s vibe! 

Is your pup elegant? Opt for one of our classic personalised dog collars with a name plate. 

For more of an adventurous spirit, add pops of different colours with our three tone collars. 

Step three: put a name on it 

Here's where the magic truly happens. Adding your dog's name to the collar gives it that personal touch. Whether it’s their full name, or a nickname unique to them, you can choose what personalisation you want to go for! 


Step four: enjoy your new collar 

Once your custom creation is completed by hand by us, it's time for the grand reveal! Enjoy a collar that is not only unique to your dog, but is also waterproof, wipe clean, durable AND stink proof - what’s not to love! Prepare for compliments galore as you and your furry friend hit the streets in style.

So, there you have it – the lowdown on creating a one-of-a-kind collar for your four-legged best friend!  Remember, it's all about reflecting their unique personality and the bond you share. Let's show the world that our dogs are more than pets - they’re part of the family! 

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